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Australian Future Leaders Program

About the program

The Mental Health Foundation Australia (MHFA) established the MHFA Future Leaders Program (MFLP) in 2019. The purpose of the MFLP is to help promote the message of ‘better mental health for all’ within participating student’s school communities through partaking in Mental Health Month 2021 and assisting to promote the fact that ‘mental health matters’ amongst their peers.

Applications for the program are open to all Australians aged 12-19 years of age. This program is aimed primarily at high school students to help them make a change within the school community. If you are a university student or over the age limit, it is suggested that you apply for our Youth Ambassador Program (YAP) instead, as a means of contributing to the vital discussion of youth mental health.

You can find a link to more information about our Youth Ambassador Program here


Aim of the Program

The Mental Health Foundation Australia is seeking to extend its reach amongst young Australians as well as increasing awareness on the issues surrounding youth mental health and the Foundation’s work in this particular area.


Role Description

In your role as a Future Leader, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Identify and discuss key issues affecting young people in mental health and contribute ideas for youth programs.
  • Work alongside MHFA staff to plan key events, speak at or attend MHFA functions or seminars, and undertake Support Group meetings.

Being part of the MFLP is a great opportunity for professional development and expanding your networks while having some fun along the way!


For more information, please call 1300 643 287 or email or consult the Handbook.

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