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Membership starts at only $10 for a one-year membership. As a valued member, you will get access to exclusive member first events throughout the year and will have the satisfaction of contributing to meaningful change in the mental health sector. Being a member enables us to connect with you directly, so we get to hear your experiences, feedback and ideas as a mental health consumer, advocate, organisation, or just simply as an individual who values the need for a more inclusive society.  You will have the pride of contributing to real change in the mental health sector and in the lives of many who have lived experience with mental illness.

MHFA offers membership for both individuals, mental health organisations and Corporates.

1-year Individual membership                                                $10.00

2 years Individual membership                                               $20.00

5 years Individual membership                                               $50.00

1 Year Mental Health Organisation Membership                  $60.00

1 Year Corporate Membership                                               $10,000



  • Subscription to MHFA Newsletters
  • Be the first to hear about mental health education seminars
  • Networking opportunities with mental health experts
  • Eligibility to apply for Australian Multicultural Ambassadors and the Youth Ambassadors Program where you can directly provide inputs and design programs to promote ‘Better Mental Health and Wellbeing’
  • Access to exclusive events and fundraisers
  • News about latest reforms in the industry
  • Contribute to the strong voice for mental health reforms


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