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Mental Health Forum - Northern Metropolitan Region



Drug Abuse and Mental Health

28th October 2019

10.00am - 12.30pm

Fitzroy Town Hall, Fitzroy

With rising rates of harmful drugs use in Australia, this year the Foundation is planning to organize another Mental Health Forum in the Northern Metropolitan Region on 28th October 2019 with an aim to raise awareness of illicit drug-use and mental health awareness among local communities.

Drug abuse also known as substance abuse takes it tool in different ways as well. In this sense, drug-use not only affects the chemical workings of the brain but if consumed excess, it can start affecting the sense of self, social interaction and the ability of to think with clarity.

To solve a combination of drug use and mental health illness (dual diagnosis) can be difficult however treatment methods such as counselling, peer support, medication, support groups and life style change can help maintain sobriety.



-        To provide an opportunity to those living in the region to highlight issues regarding drug use and mental health and reduce the correlated mental health issues;

-        To bring together all Northern Metropolitan Region councils to work collaboratively towards promoting mental wellbeing;

-        To encourage local community members to ask questions of councillors, members of parliament and keynote speaker/s regarding drug abuse and mental health in a Q and A platform;

-        Allows dignitaries to deliver speeches demonstrating the direction they will pursue in promoting better mental health and to discuss some ways to minimize the risks of drug related illness with the local communities;

-        To invite mental health organisations and drug organisations in Northern Metropolitan Region to display stalls to provide information on services and resources available for community members. 


-        Community members of Northern Metropolitan Region will gain a greater understanding on how to achieve better mental wellbeing.

-        Members of Parliament and Councillors will highlight a way forward to combat associated substance-abuse and mental health issues in this region.

-        Bring about awareness and gain momentum on this topic to help reduce the rates of substance misuse, additions of drugs and other mental health illness.

-        Highlighted issues will be attempted to be addressed and discussed.

[1] ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) (2016), Life tables, states, territories and Australia, 2013-2015, cat. no. 3302.0.55.001, ABS, Canberra.


For stall bookings, click here.

*For enquiries, contact: / 03 9826 1422


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