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Mental Health Forum - South Eastern Metropolitan



2nd October 2019

Youth Suicide and Mental Health

10:00am - 12:30pm

Frankston Art Centre, Frankston VIC 

“Youth suicide is identified as the leading cause of death among young people. In 2017, around 400 young people aged 15–24 died by suicide. Research shows that in this age group, for every one suicide there are approximately 100–200 suicide attempts” .With the alarming rising rates of youth mental illness across the South Eastern Metropolitan Region of Victoria, this year the Foundation has advanced plans to organize a new and extended Mental Health Forum in Southern Eastern Metropolitan Region on 2nd October 2019. This year’s theme is Youth Suicide and Mental Health. The forum aims to promote awareness about youth mental health and wellbeing among local communities by removing stigma associated with it.




-        To provide an opportunity to those living in the region to highlight issues regarding youth mental health and reduce the prevalence on suicide;


-        To bring together all South Eastern Metropolitan Region councils to work collaboratively towards promoting mental wellbeing;


-        To encourage local community members to ask questions of councillors, members of parliament and keynote speaker/s regarding youth and suicide in a Q and A platform;


-        Allows dignitaries to deliver speeches demonstrating the direction they will pursue in promoting better mental health and to bring down the youth suicidal rates in their local communities;


-        To invite mental health organisations in South Eastern Metropolitan Region to display stalls to provide information on services and resources available for community members. 




-        Community members of South Eastern Metropolitan Region will gain a greater understanding on how to achieve better mental wellbeing.


-        Members of Parliament and Councillors will highlight a way forward to combating youth mental health issues in this region.


-        Bring about awareness and gain momentum on this topic to help reduce the rates of suicide among young people with a mental health issue.


-        Highlighted issues will be attempted to be addressed and discussed.




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