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Mental Health Forum - Southern Region


3rd October 2019

Ageing and Mental Health

10:30am - 12:30pm

Malvern Banquet Hall, Malvern VIC


The Australian population is ageing. The proportion of older people, those aged 65 years and over, has been steadily increasing over the last century for both men and women, and this trend is expected to continue1.

The mental health of older people may be affected by losing the ability to live independently due to frailty, reduced mobility and/or disability, or a pre-existing or recent onset of a chronic physical condition. In addition, poor mental health may impact an older person’s physical health and/or quality of life.

The care needs of older Australians, both with and without a mental disorder, vary and depend on people’s functional capacities, physical and mental health, culture and language, and the environment in which they live. Accordingly, older Australians need access to a flexible range of care and support services that meet their specific current needs and, to the extent possible, maintain or restore their independence and wellness2.

The focus of this forum will be on delivering the best outcomes when it comes to dealing with Senior’s Mental Health in the Southern Metropolitan Region. There will be a focus on mental health service available to Senior Citizens in the Southern Metropolitan Region and how we could improve these existing services as well as add new services.



When: Thursday 3th October 2019, 10:30AM - 12:30PM

Where: Malvern Banquet Hall

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