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Email us anytime

Email support is best for you if you can't get to the phone or prefer to write things down.

What Happens when you email us?

Our highly experienced team will read your email carefullya nd respond with information, questions and suggestions. We can provied you with fact sheets, information about mental health issues, provide you with details of the services available in your area. We also liase with the local communities and services to identify who is best placed to provide the support you need.

Our mailbox is monitored 9:00 - 5:00 , Monday to Friday and we aim to respond within 24 hours.


The fastest way to receive information is by simply ringing us on our helpline, 1300 MHF AUS (1300 643 287)


When to email us?

- If you are feeling down

- If you are feeling Stressed

- If you are being bullied

- If you have concerns about your mental health

- Issues with getting along with Family members

- Gender Identity

- Relationship Issues

- Stress from a Traumatic event

- As a carer, or a family or friend

We can provide you with information, referrals and details of services you can get in touch with.


Tips to get you started:

The more info you provide , the better we can help you. It simply means we can reply with the most relevant response.


Your age, gender and postcode helps us idetify the services to provide you help.




You can also consider confiding in a friend, family member or another trusted adult. Remember: recognising that you need help and then asking for it are the first steps towards feeling better.


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