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7 OCT - 6 NOV 2018

2018’s Mental Health Month focusses on the youth of our society, particularly in the age group of 16-25. One in seven young Australians experience a mental health condition. The young adult period is characterized by rapid physiological, sexual, cognitive, and emotional changes. Many young adults also move into new adult roles and responsibilities: They may begin higher education studies, enter the workforce, move away from home, or start a family. They may be expected to accept responsibility for themselves legally, make decisions for themselves, and—in many cases—are often encouraged to begin supporting themselves financially. Because of these major life changes, 1 in 7 young people experience a Mental Health condition.

Mental illness can have a wide range of social and physical consequences and can lead to problems with alcohol and other drugs, low self-esteem, risky and anti-social behaviour, school-drop-out and unemployment, and even an increased risk of suicide. The aim of the Mental Health Foundation Australia’s Mental Health month is to raise awareness of youth mental health prevalence and to help reduce these statistics.

During this month, various activities will be organised to promote youth mental health and wellbeing. These include a Mental Health walk, a youth conference on Mental Health, a Mental Health gala dinner, sessions at schools and universities to promote Mental Health, youth musical programs, bringing together various multicultural communities and other organisations in the Mental Health field to raise awareness.


  Grab a digital copy of the Victorian Mental Health Month Poster from the links below!

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