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This is my story by Pushpa - 01/06/2021 :: 30/06/2021


Can we recover from Mental Health issues?

Having supported and taught around better-quality mental health and improved living abilities through Self-Leadership over the last 4 decades, I discovered that the individuals who had compromised mental health, had an increased ability and desire to learn, communicate, express positive feelings and were open to manage the various negative emotions that they were consistently living in with the right support from a trusted source, who wanted them to heal.

Mental health issues are commonly instigated by events, experiences, and emotional disturbances in an individual’s life and has also been identified as possibly being hereditary, passed on generations behavioural patterns and other various causes depending on the individuals’ circumstances.

Recently, I got asked a question:

Pushpa How did you survive, continue to do what you did, be resilient and successful today? Where many would have had a breakdown, specifically mentally, following the last 18 months, where you had nearly lost your life twice, went through a horrendous point in time, and you lost everything because of abuse, because you trusted - personally, professionally, in your organisations and everything for your livelihood?

Yes, the last 18 months were incomprehensible instances, where several times, I wanted to give in, especially when I was told I wouldn’t survive the year out - I was emotionally, mentally and physically broken!

I asked myself, did I even want to survive?

During this time, what was even sadder, was that all those who knew of my situation, including community leaders, politicians, authorities, friends, and family, those whom I had supported many times, nobody reached out to offer support or even a listening ear other than my children and two friends.

I suppose what made me more resilient during these recent moments was that I had crossed the path of compromised mental, emotional, and physical health numerous times before, in fact since the age of 11.

For me, I believed I travelled through the journey so that I could live my calling and purpose with integrity, empathy and understanding. To serve others in supporting them to live better lifestyles and attain success in their chosen fields.  

If you came up to me as a young person, I couldn’t tell you how I was going to make a difference, I didn't know when I was going to make a difference, I didn't even sometimes know why I wanted to make a difference, but I just knew I wanted to make my life count!

So, can we recuperate from Mental Health issues/illnesses?

Yes, I believe so, if you desire, intend, and the commitment is there, then yes! Just like I did!


Pushpa Vaghela,

Leader, QLD Multicultural Ambassadors Program

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